Red Wine Tasting


Dundee Wine Library Private Tasting Experience COVID-19 Safety Measures
Wine Tasting Social Distancing Protocol 
We will be following Governor Brown’s Phase One Reopening Guidance. In addition to that safety protocol, the following procedures will occur at the Dundee Wine Library. Some of our protocols are more strict to make sure we all remain as safe as possible, for example, as explained in some of our videos, we observe a 13 foot separation of parties. We are on eight acres, and our seating arrangements are around the property. Indoor seating is very limited, so it is important to call for an appointment. 
1. Call and request appointment and venue. We will send you a copy of this protocol and a map of the safety areas. 
2. When you arrive, you may park where you requested. For example, if you are in the Greenhouse or Tortoise area, you can park there. If you are up by the winery, please park in the parking lot. Put your mask on before leaving your vehicle. 
3. Go to your safe area. While you do not have to wear a mask while you are seated in your area, please bring a mask for movement to your area or to the facilities. Please review the CDC/gov notices placed at your area including “What you should know about COVID-19 to protect yourself and others” and the Oregon Health Authority "Novel Coronavirus fact sheet.” 
4. You will be given a Dundee Wine Library alcohol spray bottle for spraying items touched outside your area, such as bathroom door knobs, etc. Facility areas will be monitored and inspected and disinfected after each use, a secondary precaution. 
5. Please maintain at least 13 feet from others not in your group. If you leave your safety area, please wear a mask and bring your DWL sanitation bottle. Use the spray copiously on every surface touched. 
6. We will bring your wine to your designated transfer table and leave it for you to retrieve once we move away. 
7. We will bring you all of your tastings at once in small carafes, such as the greenhouse or tortoise area venues; however, we will keep in touch about your needs and to offer information about the wine. You may also purchase a glass of wine. 
8. If children are with you, please let them know about the protocol. If they need to go to the facilities, please go with them to supervise the sanitation procedure. 
9. Payment can be received with credit card or cash. Place your credit card, debit card or cash on the transfer table, and we will return it when the transaction has been completed. It will be sanitized. You may sanitize it as well. 
10. Wine purchases with your name on it will be placed on a cart for you to retrieve. The container will have been sprayed and a spray bottle will be on the cart for you to use if you wish. 
11. You are welcome to bring food with you, and please take your leftover items with you when you leave, including refuse. When you are ready to leave, please put on your mask, wave goodbye to us, smile, and say we love you. 
What we do before, during, and after your patronage:
1. All who work at the Dundee Wine Library will wear gloves and masks. 
2. Your safety area will have been sanitized before you arrive, and we will sanitize it after you leave. 
3. Wine glasses will have been washed in a special high temperature glass washing machine and handled by glove and mask. 
Last but not least, while the above is a “sanitation protocol,” we are doing this because we care about your safety, our safety, and the safety of people we all meet later. We do this with love and appreciation for us all and so we can continue to meet in the future in a healthy and lively manner. You will not get Covid-19 here! 
Sincerely, The Dundee Wine Library staff

The Dundee Wine Library Tasting Experience

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Red Wine Tasting
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