Our Vineyard Partner Series: Tualatin Hills AVA

Diane & Scott Hildebrandt, La Dolce Vita Vineyards

Upcoming New Release: 2018 Publisher

La Dolce Vita Vineyards is owned by Scott and Diane Hildebrandt, and is located in the Tualatin Hills AVA of Oregon’s Willamette Valley.  The 11 acre vineyard is LIVE certified, with 3 types of pinot noir clones as well as pinot gris planted.  Portions of the vineyard were originally planted in 1996, and all vines have rows facing south/southeast.  The dominant soil type is Melbourne, which is formed from sedimentary rock with basalt volcanic seams present in the higher elevations.  In addition, the combination of rain shadow protection and the loess soils deposited throughout the Tualatin Hills AVA by the prehistoric Missoula floods, help to define the vineyards wine grapes, adding bright berry characteristics and spice to the resulting wines.

Scott and Diane are native Oregonians, and have a true love of biodiversity in and around the vineyard.  The vineyard is dry farmed, with over 200 plant species grown in the vineyard’s headlands and surrounding gardens and landscape.  Abundant ground water, natural springs, creeks and retaining ponds throughout the vineyard encourage native plants and wildlife. Old growth forest land including fir and savanna oak surround the vineyard drawing both unique, native flora and fauna, with bird houses added throughout the farm property.  Herbicides are not used in the vineyard to control weeds, but rather, mechanical weed hoe equipment is deployed to keep native weeds out of the vine’s fruit zone.  In addition, cover crops are planted between the vine rows to reduce erosion and increase organic matter.  The result is the creation of a natural habitat for several beneficial species and a natural balance of the vineyards environment and its interaction with native animal and plant life.

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